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The Cafe Society

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The Cafe Society

Post by Kurt Erik on Sat Apr 27, 2013 11:33 pm

The Cafe Society:
The Cafe Society is a group full of upper class people that stayed together up north. Even in the apocalypse they prefer to hide in style and make sure everyone knows they aren't just normal folks. The Cafe Society is a group that tends to be treated badly due to the behavior of some and their past. They think that District 3 is here to help and backs the organization up. The Cafe Society is no joke though, the people are mean and ruthless. hey are not afraid to get their hands dirty when needed, but always make sure they look good when doing it. The Cafe Society does a lot of trading, bribing, hostage attempts, and theft. Then they blame other groups to sit back and watch. When the groups meet together though, Cafe Society tends to be the quietest of the leaders and doesn't speak out in fear they will be caught for their misdeeds.

Extra Facts:
  • The Cafe Society has a grudge on The Boys Astray for pulling pranks and vandalizing their stuff.

  • The Cafe Society is a closed group and only lets in certain people, unless you managed to get in during the initial outbreak.

  • They host the Council of Seven at The Boy;s Astray auditorium. Though Cafe Society didn't want this, majority ruled with the other groups.

Electricity?: They have electricity in certain buildings but not in homes
Water?: No running water
Groups?: Their group is large
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