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Mallrats Night Guard- Rebecca Williams

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Mallrats Night Guard- Rebecca Williams

Post by Rebecca Williams on Fri May 10, 2013 11:11 pm

Rebecca Williams
Female Night Guard for the Mallrats

Rebecca Williams is a twenty-nine year old teacher turned night guard for the Mallrats. Before the outbreak she was a junior high school teacher and one of the kids' favorite. She always wore a smile and never seemed under the weather. Rebecca loved helping out people and making sure everything turned out perfect for everyone around her. She never thought about herself and always put others in front of her. She was very sweet and seemed never far from reach. Everyone loved her. Rebecca grew up in the typical middle-class family and was very close to her parents. She That was until the outbreak happened. After The Blackout she was thrown into a whole new world filled with new dark beings. She was forced to watch people she knew and loved die in front of her eyes, unable to a thing about it. To make things worse, most of them never stayed dead. She had no way to defend herself and didn't have any weapons on hand. So, she ran. Rebecca ran as fast as she could to the nearest shelter that would shield her from the darkness outside. That shelter happened to be the mall. She wasn't the only one in the mall and she quickly joined the group. Since her time in the mall she has grown stronger and ready for the dangers outside.

The teacher actually took up the job of a night guard and stays alert while the infected feed or the lone survivors desperately try to survive. She has had her fair share of fights with others and the undead. She still keeps her motherly nature and wide smile on her, but when the time comes to get serious and get the job done, she is all game.After so many years in the Mallrats, Rebecca has gotten fit and is able to do things she couldn't before. She is 5'7" and weighs 130 lbs. She has a toned body that came with all of the work she has done to keep everyone safe. Being a night guard means she has to be quick on her feet and a strong attacker. She is quite agile and will accompany others on scavenges or trades with other groups or lone survivors. Rebecca also loves to help the others with any jobs they need help in and usually keeps herself busy to let everyone know she is still useful and keep her mind off of things outside when she is stressed.

Other Information

Rebecca may still teach to those that want her to teach them.

She now carries a crowbar, flashlight, and small handheld radio from the hardware store.

Rebecca sneaks out whenever she has the chance to get away from the closed spaces of the mall.

She is interested in the different groups and wants to see how each one is.
Rebecca Williams

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Character Information
Role: Night Guard
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