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The Mallrats

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The Mallrats

Post by Kurt Erik on Sat Apr 27, 2013 11:34 pm

The Mallrats:
The Mallrats took refuge in the Northridge Mall. They are just a group of people that either were in the mall at the time of the outbreak or working there. The mall is the largest in the city and also has a large parking lot down below. Though it is a mall and they do have more supplies, it is more dangerous than most shelters. The infected can enter the many doors or go through the parking lot, making it harder to get in and out for survivors. The Mallrats can also be seen on the roof relaxing or trying to communicate with other survivors. They will use radios, boards, and even words on paper to let survivors know they are alive inside. The Mallrats risk the most raid due to their large stockpile and have now barricaded their shelter greatly. Infected do wander the perimeter and make it more difficult to survive.

Extra Facts:
  • The Mallrats have many different items at their disposal, making it easy to survive indoors. But the lack of weapons make it hard to thrive outside the mall.

  • The Mallrats always have someone on communications to broadcast updates or search for other survivors.

  • They are just your average people hoping to survive. They do not hate any other group but are targeted by many. The Mallrats trade very often and will travel whenever they can.

Electricity?: They have a generator they sparsely use to conserve fuel
Water?: No running water in the mall
Groups?: Their group is very large and they will go out in small groups
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