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District 3 Officer [Spy]- Kurt Erik

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District 3 Officer [Spy]- Kurt Erik

Post by Kurt Erik on Wed May 08, 2013 5:44 pm

Kurt Erik l Lead Spy/Officer l Male l Thirty l Thomas Kretschmann

Kurt is a District 3 officer and spy from Berlin, Germany. He joined the military at age eighteen and has gained the rank of a Major after many years in the army. Not many people know his background and he tends to avoid speaking about it. Though he will tell you that he never liked his family and they never liked him. He said he always had a violent, bloody nature since being a little boy and even killed the neighbor's cat. He is very fit man and tends to use his strength to intimidate others, even his own comrades. Many District 3 employees think of him as a great officer and would be a great leader. If it weren't for his nasty attitude. Kurt is a very arrogant man who tends to shoot before asking the questions. He isn't afraid to get his hands dirty and will chase any target to no end. Kurt leads a group of men from District 3 and is in charge of two scientists [Data unavailable] and [Data Unavailable].

He has many years of combat experience and is able to take down enemies easily. Kurt seems to be a very strict man that lacks a general sense of humor. He takes things to the extreme and is very short-tempered. He is fluent in both German and English as many know from experiences where he would speak in English then randomly switch to his native tongue. This usually happens when he is angry or trying to tease those that cannot speak his language. Kurt is a very proud man and very competitive, challenging even his own men. There have been times where he has even challenged the higher command, but had been punished by [Data expunged]. His violent nature and cold-blooded instincts lead to him being a man feared by enemies but loved by friends. They also call him a bit 'mad' and his motives very 'dark'. Dr. [Data Unavailable] has been assigned to the Major to research him and use data collected to lean more about his special blood that seems to negate the effects of the virus.

Consultation 1:
Dr. [Data unavailable] was assigned to Major Kurt Erik after his outburst towards the command in District 3. [Data unavailable] has since stayed with him and accompanies Kurt on missions to record data and make sure everything is calm. One conversation between the Doctor and Kurt has been recorded for later examination and reviewing.

Dr. [Data Unavailable] Papers are heard being shuffled in hands and Kurt clears his throat in the background Tell me, Major. Why did you do it?

Kurt Why did I do it? Because I think that shit-ass Commander isn't fit for the job. He's ruining us. Kurt chuckles and exhales deeply

Dr. [Data Unavailable] So you pulled your weapon on your commander? And what about the two scientific leaders? Surely they weren't involved in any of this.

Kurt They weren't involved in any of this? Doctor, they were taking my men and experimenting on them! Every week I'm getting some new guy...and even he won't stay the whole time! Then when I ask about the disappearance of my men my commander tells me that it's not my problem and that I should just leave the subject alone? No. Those are my men and I was going to stop them.

Dr. [Data Unavailable] You know how this organization works. It's for the better good. We are trying to find a-

Kurt Not you too! For fuck's sake Doctor! You can't be serious! You believe them?

There is a brief moment of silence before the Doctor continues

Dr. [Data Unavailable] Major, we understand you concern for your men. But you have to understand that research requires host bodies in order to collect data and build on it. The cure isn't a simple project.

Kurt I understand it's not a simple project, Doctor. But I am not allowing you to take my men and experiment on them. Simple as that. If you want to get my men you will have to go through me. I'm not letting some stuck up scientist tell me what I need to do. These are my men and I am keeping them safe. Even if it's from my own men. Tell them to use some other group. I won't say it again and I'm not holding back next time. Now may I please go? I'm done with this interview.

Dr. [Data Unavailable]Sorry, Major but we are not done. Kurt grumbles in the background Now I've heard you also threatened to shoot the Commander after he ordered you to leave the facility. He then brought in two soldiers to take you out but you fought them back. You did knock out the two men but then you were sedated and taken away. You know this will not go unpunished.

Kurt They won't do jack-fucking-shit, Doc. I'm too good to just be put down. They know that. I've known Commander [Data Unavailable] for years now. We're like best buds. And the scientists, they need me. As long as I'm alive they can continue their research. I'm too valuable to just be thrown away like that. They need my blood. You know that as well, don't you? I mean, you are the one keeping an eye on me and conducting little tests on me.

Dr. [Data Unavailable] Yes There is a brief pause Last order of business. Your monthly check up has come in and everything seems positive. You have actually grown quite a bit since your last test. 210 lbs. and your height actually grew a bit making you...

Kurt Six-Three?

Dr. [Data Unavailable] Six-Four. Kurt curses in the background and laughs Keep up the good work. We will be taking a blood sample of X in a couple of days.

The sound of chairs scooting across the metal floor is heard and is followed by incomprehensible audio

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