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The Boys Astray

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The Boys Astray

Post by Kurt Erik on Sat Apr 27, 2013 11:32 pm

The Boys Astray:
The Boys Astray are a group of students and younger adults that banded together in the University. They made the entire campus their territory and are lucky enough to have it surrounded by a large fence going around the campus. The Boys Astray are an open group that lets people join and are just trying to survive through it all. They are very friendly towards people and will openly trade and recruit survivors. Their leader is the University's Biology professor who has also been looking into the virus that caused the outbreak. The Boys Astray are mainly students, but teachers and other civilians along with parents and their kids stay in the group. The Boys Astray are close to The Devotionals and are not too far from The Mallrats, making communication and trade easier for them. But this also means that they are easier to steal from (which has happened in the past). It seems people from this group disappear when they are out the most.

Extra Facts:
  • The Boys Astray use their gym to hold training sessions open for all to train for the infected.

  • The Boys Astray use their Auditorium for Council of Seven meetings and still use the stage for performances for survivors.

  • They have been known to pull pranks and steal from other groups.

Electricity?: They have a generator but they conserve the fuel
Water?: No running water
Groups?: Their group is medium size
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