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The Rules of Survival

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The Rules of Survival

Post by Kurt Erik on Sun May 05, 2013 12:52 am

The Basics
This is a mature role play that will involve violence, drama, death, and other mature theme. Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty here, this is the zombie apocalypse. The infected won't hesitate to kill you, so you need to be ruthless. Cursing is allowed and violence is greatly encouraged. Romance is allowed here but when things get descriptive take it somewhere private or time skip. This is a realistic rp so I want just humans here. No flying cars or plasma pistols. Also keep in mind that this is the apocalypse. Supplies will be scarce and you won't be running around with rocket launchers and miniguns. When registering, use your characters name as your username.

The Characters
Characters will be adults and real pictures. I want this to be realistic and anime pictures aren't that realistic. I want all characters to be at least eighteen and can be any age older. But remember that age plays an important role in how you will survive. Face claims will be sent to me and I will add them to the list to prevent overuse of one person. All sexual orientations are allowed here as well. I want diverse characters from all over the world in this story. It takes place in the United States so make sure to include how they got to the U.S. before the infection. Your profiles will be free form. That means you can make it anyway you want. Diary, interview, etc. I just want it to be descriptive and give us a deep insight on the character. If you want to be related to another character (relative, friend, colleague, etc.) then leave your profile blank in spots that has relatives names, or state that that character has not been taken and is open.

Each post must be at least three paragraphs long so it give people something to work on. Absolutely no one-liners. That give no one anything to work on and slows down the story. Speech will be in third person and in quotation marks. Thoughts should be in italics and OOC should be in brackets. Be sure to include everyone in the story and do not ignore them. No one likes being left out of things. Quoting will help specify who your character is talking to and may even make it easier for people to notice they are being interacted with. Be sure to be active also. If you are going to be absent it helps out greatly if you tell us you are going to be gone so we don't think you just left!

Groups are available to everyone but if you are not interested in being in a group then simple state that you are a loner. Just because you are in one group doesn't mean you have to stay in it! You can move from group to group if you wish, but be careful. Not every group might accept you or your old group might not appreciate losing someone. Each group has a special thing about them and are full of different people. You don't have to be that kind of person to be in a specific group. For example, you don't have to be a church-goer to be in the Devotional group. You might have just taken shelter in the church when the outbreak started. As for numbers, there can be as many people in each group as possible, but I want the gender ratio to stay relatively equal. If you see a group with ten males and just five females, maybe you should get a female character in that group. There are also certain spots that are first come first serve. so be sure to check those out!
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