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The Loners

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The Loners

Post by Kurt Erik on Sat Apr 27, 2013 11:35 pm

The Loners:
The Loners are just survivors trying to survive off of whatever they can find and get their hands on. Loners don't have a group and tend to stay alone, but there may be small groups. A lot of loners are bandits that prey off of other survivors and take whatever they can. The Loners are unlimited in numbers, often being exiled from their old groups, leaving, or just not joining one. They live anywhere they can and will often trade with other survivors that pass. Some loners have been known to be hostile when it comes to other survivors. They may be protective of their shelter and supplies since they are alone or in small groups. Loners tend to have a harder time joining groups after a long amount of time due to the lack of trust between certain groups and lone survivors. That doesn't mean the groups won't accept more survivors though.

Extra Facts:
  • The Loners travel alone or in groups, eight being the largest seen. Though there may be more somewhere.

  • Loners do not have as many supplies as groups unless staying in their own shelter. Some may be seen pushing carts or carrying large bags, but this limits their movements.

  • District 3 is looking for Loners to take back to base. Though, some District 3 members have been seen killing loners.

Electricity?: Depends on their location
Water?: Depends on their location
Groups?: May travel in groups, but does not happen very often
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