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The Devotionals

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The Devotionals

Post by Kurt Erik on Sat Apr 27, 2013 11:35 pm

The Devotionals:
The Devotionals started out as a small religious group in the city, trying to get as many people to join them. They remained in St. Lucas Church during the outbreak and continued to try and bring people into their group saying God would save only those that were with The Devotionals. Their newest leader, who is the Reverend of the Church wants to bring as many people into the Church as possible and teach them his beliefs. The Devotionals are not the saints they make themselves out to be and they keep their motives a secret. The Devotionals are very closely knit and those that join usually stay until the very end.

Extra Facts:
  • The Devotionals have a deep hatred for District 3. Some people have even gone far enough to say they worship Satan and wish to do harm to God's followers.

  • The Devotionals seem to still hold services during both the day and the night, keeping some of their members on watch duty.

  • They will sometimes walk around the city to trade, scavenge, and try to bring people to their church.

Electricity?: They only have lit candles
Water?: No running water
Groups?: Their group is medium sized
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