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District 3

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District 3

Post by Kurt Erik on Sat Apr 27, 2013 11:34 pm

District 3:
District 3 is the newest group to join the city. They are stationed at the walls that surround the city and are primarily made up of soldiers and scientists. Though, most of the soldiers are just survivors accepting the job for food and protection. District 3 has been testing for a cure to the virus and was lead to this city which is where they now reside. The soldiers guard the large site while scientists work 24/7. The site is made up entirely of tents with one large barracks in the center. Many groups do not like District 3 due to the fact that they are testing people to research the virus and are kidnapping innocent survivors. The soldiers that travel outside the site will hunt for survivors or have fun with them whenever they can. The soldiers and scientists aren't as nice as they seem and many people treat them with hostility. Still, they are allowed in the Council of Seven due to their ties with The Cafe Society.

Extra Facts:
  • Many survivors have gone missing from all groups when District 3 is out.

  • District 3 is a very private group, but some people have managed to get in because of their ties with certain people.

  • The Cafe Society is the only group that seems to treat District 3 with open arms and the two groups are very close to each other.

Electricity?: Yes they have electricity
Water?: Yes but it is conserved
Groups?: They are very large and travel in large groups
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