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The Bluejackets

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The Bluejackets

Post by Kurt Erik on Sat Apr 27, 2013 11:32 pm

The Bluejackets:
The Bluejackets are a bunch of sailors or people that own boats and other sea faring vehicles. They were out on the docks or out on the sea when the outbreak started, trapping them on the wharf. They have no real shelter except for their ships but not many infected travel there. many survivors come here to trade or just meet other people due to the minimal threat in the area. Many ship owners will offer to trade with survivors that come, or even let them stay with them. Though, storms seem to be more dangerous out on the sea and happen more often there. There aren't as many supplies by the docks but traveling is made easier on boat since the infected can't swim. The Bluejackets are very loyal to their leader and will do anything to ensure the safety of their group, even if that means killing.

Extra Facts:
  • The Bluejackets are one of the smallest out of the groups.

  • The Bluejackets vary from yacht owners to trade boat owners. May different people are here.

  • The Bluejackets don't like to stray too far from their boats and the dock in fear someone might steal their stuff.

Electricity?: No electricity unless a survivor has a generator
Water?: Plenty of water, provided it can be sanitized
Groups?: This group is relatively small
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